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How To Increase Employees’ Memory with Interactive Videos

Remembering can sometimes be tricky. Haven’t you ever experienced that you were supposed to learn something from a seminar, but you just couldn’t help but forget at least half of what you were supposed to remember.

Or worse, that you have given a seminar, yet your employees just cannot remember a great deal of what you wanted them to know.

Don’t worry, it is not your teaching skills nor does it have to do with your employees’ learning skills.

However, you might be able to go the extra mile to have an up-to-date staff.

Wasting time

How employees try to retain information at work.
How employees try to retain information at work, from the study by Bridge.

In early 2017, fellow learning platform Bridge studied how well employees would retain information and were able to report that an organization with about a 1,000 employees would waste close to 6,000 hours because they forgot what they were supposed to know.

These are hours spent googling information, asking colleagues, and flipping through notes to figure out what they had to remember.

Obviously, if you only get one opportunity to retain the necessary information, such as a seminar or a short course, then most of the information would not stick.

After only twenty minutes, you will already have forgotten about forty percent of the recently acquired knowledge. After two days, you will already have forgotten up to seventy-five percent.

The ebbinghaus forgetting curve

A visualization of how soon the material is forgotten.

This is evident in the research by Hermann Ebbinghaus in his groundbreaking Über das Gedächtnis, literally “On Memory”.

He created the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, which indeed shows that there is an exponential loss of retained information, with a steep drop in the first twenty minutes and the first couple of days.

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