Make your online videos shoppable

Online video is great for inspiration, branding, or sharing ideas. But after the orientation phase, you want to close the deal. With hihaho interactive video, you can!

For a direct call to action, you want the customer to purchase the product immediately in the video experience instead of going to an external website. With hihaho interactive video, you can make your online videos shoppable!AH Shoppable video

Just add interactions like clickable buttons or hotspots. No need to exit the video. This results in a faster and easier sales conversion! All your online video content becomes more valuable if you make it clickable.


With interactive video, you engage with your buyers. Ask questions about personal interests for example, or ask for their email address. Gather data and insights that you would not be able to gather with traditional online video.

Examples of eCommerce videos

interactive real estate tour

Some facts about interactive video

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