What can hihaho do?​

We dare to believe that hihaho belongs in the top tier interactive video editors when it comes to the technical part and its functionalities.

Do it yourself with hihaho

20 Interaction types

We’re certain that hihaho offers every functionality wished for by every customer. That is because we’re certain hihaho offers more interaction types than you need. 

Easily add tables of content, pop-up menus, buttons, iframes, hotspots, pause screens, jumps, texts, images, sounds, scroll texts, highlights, ratings, linked videos or forms to your videos.

Check out our interaction page to discover the possibilities of each interaction.

Creating videos with layers

Hihaho places a detached interactive layer on top of your source video. This way, you get the optimal flexibility and freedom within your video. To name a few advantages of applying a detached interactive layer:

  • Easily organize your interactions that are displayed at the same time in your video.
  • Create alternative versions of your video in no time, without having to recreate all interactions.
  • Enable or disable layers with one simple click, without having to delete any.
  • By placing all visual text in the interactive layer, you can create the same video in multiple languages without much effort.


You can copy interactions in hihaho. This saves a lot of time when you’re creating a newer version of a video, or creating multiple videos with the same structure. Discover how it works!

Your own visual branding in hihaho

Your hihaho player can be customized with colors and fonts of your branding. This way the question interactions, menus and the player itself will be displayed in your visual branding.

Hihaho player

Player in custom branding

Sharing your video with hihaho​

Interactive videos can be shared in multiple ways. For example, you can choose to publicly share your interactive video for everyone to see so you can get as many views as possible. However, if you want to share your video with a specific selection of people, there are multiple ways to do so.

  • Only the people that receive the video URL from you are able to watch the video.
  • Only the people you select through an Excel sheet containing names and email addresses can watch the video.
  • The video can only be embedded and displayed on a certain webpage.
  • The video can be displayed in an LMS by using a SCORM package or xAPI.

Secured embed

Interactive videos created in hihaho can be embedded on a website. This can be done in a way done in a way that ensures embedding is only possible on a certain webpage. It’s also possible to grant access to videos after the viewer completes a payment, by hosting them on a seperate domain.

Insight with hihaho

Gather useful statistics to keep track of (test) results or information about needs of your viewers, leads, prospects or customers.


Amount of times the video has been watched.

Until the end

Amount of times the video has been fully completed.

Views in period

Amount of views in a specific time period.


The devices on which the video has been watched.


Given answers on questions that were added to the video.

Response time

Average time it took a viewer to answer a question.


The amount of clicks on an interaction or menu.


All data can be syncronized with your LMS, CRM or MAS

Integrations with hihaho

Hihaho has integrations with video platforms such as YouTube, Qumu, Mediasite, Vimeo and many more. Therefor you can easily turn videos you uploaded on one of these websites in the past to interactive videos in hihaho. Don’t you have videos uploaded on these platforms yet? No problem. You can directly upload you videos to hihaho. Discover all video platform integrations.

API connections with hihaho

Hihaho offers three API’s that make it possible for the systems you work with to communicate with our software. These API’s make it possible to:
  • Upload and make videos interactive through an automated process.
  • Process gathered data from hihaho in your own LMS through xAPI.
  • Connect your interactive video to your webpage so choices made in the video influence the shown content on the webpage itself.

Studio integrations

Not only can you embed interactive videos in your own application. You can also embed our whole studio! With our studio integrations you can use the hihaho platform without leaving your own digital environment.

Also, hihaho offers integrations with several content partners. Easily create a connection between hihaho and your LMS or CMS.


Another way to connect data from hihaho to your LMS to by exporting your interactive video in a SCORM package. The only thing you have to do, is upload the package to your LMS and your video is ready to use.

Automate with hihaho

In the video settings you can request an automated transcription for your video. You even get the option to generate transcriptions in multiple languages. 

Also, hihaho supports regular transcription files which you can easily add to your video.

Are you looking for an automated process with your LMS that our studio and API’s do not yet offer. 

Make sure to contact us so we can take a look at possibilities together.

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