Interactive video helps instructors to make educational video effective and engaging

Assen (The Netherlands), December 7, 2020

With millions of students around the world shifting to remote learning, instructors have scrambled to find ways to keep students engaged from a distance. This is true not only for online classes that meet on a schedule, but also for on-demand assignments such as educational videos.

Educators are increasingly looking for tools to make content more interactive, immersive, and effective. To address this demand, hihaho has partnered with Panopto. This new partnership allows Panopto videos to be deeply integrated into the hihaho platform, enabling a wide array of interactive features to drive student engagement in remote learning.

Newly enabled features include among other things:


“We are very proud of this collaboration with Panopto! This partnership is part of our strategy to offer our interactive video solution on the best online video platforms worldwide“ according to Jeroen Krouwels CCO of hihaho. “Interactive video helps you to explain clearly, to learn more and to understand better. This combination of Panopto and hihaho offers the best-of-breed solution for learning worldwide“.

The new integrations are now available to customers who have a license to as well as Panopto Enterprise.

About Hihaho

Hihaho is a DIY Saas solution for interactive video with customers in education, health, marketing, entertainment and ecommerce. Our mission is to solve friction in business processes, consumer and employee communication and learning by making people self-supporting with interactive video.

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Jeroen Krouwels, CCO hihaho.comMike Rich, Vice president global partnerships Panopto
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