QUMU introduces Interactivity on demand with hihaho: creating videos that get clicked

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Qumu is the leading provider of a best-in-class platform to create, manage, secure, distribute and measure the success of live and on demand video for the intelligent enterprise. The world’s largest organizations leverage the Qumu Enterprise Video platform for a variety of use cases including self-service webcasting, sales enablement, internal communications, product training, regulatory compliance and customer engagement.

Hihaho interactive video

Hihaho is the leading SaaS layer technology platform for DIY interactive video worldwide. Hihaho’s  mission is to solve friction in business processes, customer and employee communication and learning by making people self-supporting with interactive video. It offers 13 interaction types that can easily be combined for any use case: training, e-commerce, public information, smart webinars and more.

Integration QUMU and hihaho interactive video

Jeroen Krouwels, hihaho’s CCO is proud to announce the integration with the QUMU platform: “Obviously, QUMU is an outstanding online video platform, used by reputable companies like British Telecom, Vodafone,  AT&T, Mastercard, Visa and Bayer. Their choice for our hihaho layer technology confirms that we are among the best in the world when it comes to reliable and easy-to-use interactive video technology”.

Stuart Hornsey, Qumu Partnership Director adds: “Business Content  can be sometimes seen as a bit ‘dry’. Hihaho enables our customers to easily create personalized video content with unprecedented interaction possibilities for their viewers.

Watch now webcast

In their on demand webcast Stuart Hornsey and Jeroen Krouwels, talk about the importance of interactive video and review a number of video engagement strategies.

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