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The facts

Research shows that no less than 70% of B2B buyers choose video in the customer journey. In learning, interactive videos reduce the time to learn by 40-60% compared to traditional ways of learning. 90% of viewers can still remember what was shown and told in a video that was interactive three days later. For written text this is only 10%.

Why choose hihaho?

Hihaho is the most user-friendly platform. You make your video interactive in just four simple steps. Want to know what sets hihaho apart from other interactive video platforms? Check out our Interactive Video benchmark.

Select or upload your video

Upload your own video or simply use a video from platforms like Youtube, Vimeo.

Make your video interactive

Add questions, chapters, buttons, links, or other interactions.

Share your video

Share it the way you like it: using an URL, an embed code, or share it via SCORM or xAPI

Measure the results

Get a detailed view of how the video is used and use this data to adjust your approach.

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Did you know?

This is how international we are

Hihaho is available in multiple languages. You can use hihaho in English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, French, German, Portuguese and Dutch! Our player supports even more languages. Click on the flags below to see hihaho in your language!

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