Complaints procedure


The purpose of the hihaho complaints procedure is to structure the process of handling complaints. Due to this structuring, complaints from customers/users should be received, registered, handled and evaluated in such a way that:
– the complainant is satisfied as far as possible;
– recurrence of the complaint is prevented.

Submission of complaints

A complaint must be submitted in writing, either by e-mail to or by post to Hihaho interactive video, Kloekhorststraat 29, 9401 BB Assen (The Netherlands).
Complaints submitted in any other way will be regarded as reports and do not fall under this procedure. Complaints submitted in any other way will be considered reports and are not covered by this procedure.


Reports of typing errors, calculation errors, etc. on the website and/or in supporting documents are not counted as a complaint, but as a report. A complaint is regarded as such if there is a structural problem or if it can reasonably be assumed that the complainant has suffered damage. It is possible to submit a complaint up to three months after the reason for the complaint occurred, either when opening a (paid) hihaho account, or when (paid) using the hihaho platform.

After the expiry of the period of three months, hihaho can decide to handle the complaint if it can reasonably be assumed that the complaint could not have been submitted earlier.
Complaints are always treated confidentially. Registered complaints are kept for at least one year.

Handling method

First hihaho determines whether and if so to what extent the complaint is justified.

If this is the case, hihaho will, if possible and necessary, propose a suitable solution to the complainant. Hihaho records the solution in the complaints registration system.

The complainant will receive an initial response within one working day and a substantive response to his or her complaint within ten working days.

If a substantive response is not possible within the given period, the complainant will receive a message within ten days with an indication of the time within which a substantive response will be possible.

The complaints registration system states:

  • Date of receipt
  • Name of the complainant
  • Name of the person handling the complaint
  • Description of the complaint
  • Indication of possible cause(s)
  • Listing of solution(s)
  • Indication of whether or not there is agreement with the complainant

After processing the complaint, hihaho investigates whether the complaint gives cause to seek a structural solution or to take a preventive measure.

Complaint analysis

Hihaho executes an annual analysis of complaints received. The results of this analysis may lead to changes in the applicable procedures.

Appeal Opportunity

For an appeal, please refer to the address of the “Disputes Committee Private Educational Institutions”, in section 10 of the hihaho Terms of Service.

In the event of an appeal, hihaho conforms to the decision of the appeal body and takes care of the resulting instructions and/or consequences as soon as possible.

[Last updated on March 31, 2023]

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