Interactions to enrich your videos

With hihaho, you have the possibility to choose from more than 17 different interactions to make your video interactive. What do you need?


Add questions to your video to test your viewers' knowledge or to survey their opinions. You can also include feedback and add a score value. Read more

Table of contents

Create chapters to guide your audience through the video. Read more

Pop-up menu

Organize the content in your video by adding a video menu. Each menu item can be linked to a specific time in the video or to a hyperlink. Read more

Transparant button

Add an extra layer over a certain part of your video to make this clickable. You can let the viewer go to a website or to another scene. Read more


Add hotspots to draw more attention to a certain point in the video. The hotspot can also include a description or hyperlink. Read more

Pause screen

Let the video pause to give the viewer time to study the screen, an image or a text. This text could also be a summary or a reflective question. Read more

Jump to

Skip parts of the video that you find irrelevant for your audience. Read more


Insert a text to your video to emphasize or explain something. You can also use this interaction to create a clickable button. Read more


Add images to your video, like a logo, banner or infographic. You can also make these images clickable. Read more


Add a sound to your video, such as a kaboom or splash. Censor indecent language or play some music. Read more


Would you like to emphasize something or to make your video more dynamic? Zoom in on certain parts of your screen! Read more

Scroll text

Add a text to your video that will scroll by. This can be used as a news ticker, for example, or serve as a hyperlink or jump. Read more


The highlight interaction allows you to focus on a specific area in the video, by decreasing the visibility of the irrelevant area. Read more


Add a frame to your interactive video in which you can have any website displayed with all its functionalities. Read more


Would you like to know your viewer's opinion about something? Give your audience the option to rate your video. Read more

Linked video

Add a button to easily link interactive videos to each other within the same tab. Read more


Add a form to your video. Get the form data directly into your mailbox or in your CRM. Read more

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