Jump to interaction

Skip parts of your video that are irrelevant for the audience.

Quick and easy

Usually, you have to cut irrelevant parts out with editing software. This step can be completely skipped thanks to this this interaction.

More relevant content

Is only a specific part of your video interesting for your viewers? Simply skip it with the use of one interaction.

Create loops

Does your video include a menu that has to stay on screen until the viewer has made their choice? Let the video jump back to the beginning of the menu to create a loop that will keep playing until the viewer clicks an option.

Decide the order of the video

With the Jump To interaction you decide what the viewer watches. When you choose to skip a part of the video with this interaction it will automatically do so. This way you can easily shorten a long YouTube video, for example.

Maybe you made a mistake in the edit or the information from a scene has become irrelevant over time. This can easily be solved by skipping this part of the video with the Jump To interaction.

Do you want the viewers to decide for themselves whether they can skip something or not? Then the Text interaction or the Menu interaction might be more suitable. The Jump To interaction is used so you can decide for your viewers what they get to watch and in what order.

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