Categories of Personal Data Processed by hihaho:

  • a1/ Name and last name   (users [= authors])
  • a2/ E-mail address (users)
  • a3/ Telephone number (optional) (users)
  • a4/ IP address (users and end users [= viewers])
  • a5/ Automatically recorded activities (end users)
  • a6/ Automatically recorded outcomes (end users)
  • a7/ Recorded communications (chat, e-mail) (users)
  • a8/ Data entered by end users that may be linked (beyond Processor’s control)


Processing operations by hihaho in the context of services to the Controller:

  • b1/ Entry into the digital system at registration/registration
  • b2/ Storage in the digital system (automatic)
  • b3/ Only available for inspection
  • b4/ Adjustment, correction
  • b5/ Deletion
  • b6/ Export and shipment to client. The following table indicates the departments / categories of Processor’s employees directly or indirectly involved in the processing of personal data. An indication is also given of the purpose(s) with which and / or the condition(s) under which specific types of personal data are processed, with reference to the specifications referred to sub a) and b):


Purpose / ConditionProcessingDataCategory of employees
On request/permission Controllerb1 to b6a1 to a7Management
Billing*b3a1 to a3Finance
To fix malfunction; data breach detectionb3 to b6a1 to a7Developers Team
On request/permission Controllerb3 and b4a6 to a6Content & Training Team
On request/permission Controllerb1 to b6a1 to a7Helpdesk
To fix malfunction; data breach detectionb3a1 to a7System & Security
In case of suspected illegal or criminal activity**b3 and b5a1 to a8System & Security
Automated data processingb1 to b6a1 to a7Hosting provider (sub-processor)

* Processing only relates to the Personal Data of users (authors).

** Without Controller’s request/permission.

The Processor’s policy regarding the retention periods of Personal Data is bound by the instruction to that effect by the Controller.

Last adjustment: August 18, 2023.

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