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With hihaho, you can easily create an interactive video. Your videos will instantly have more impact! Use your own video or find a suitable video online. And get to know your viewers thanks to our advanced statistics!

Try hihaho for free for as long as you want, you only start paying when you want to share your interactive video with others.

By the way, we have created a comprehensive overview of 35 interactive video platforms. Check them out especially if you want to know how hihaho stands out in the market.

Interactive video for you

Discover the benefits.

Increase your impact

The content will be better remembered thanks to questions and interactions that emphasize the information.

Verkoop meer

Sell more

Thanks to buttons that link to your products or services.

Relevante inhoud

Make your content more relevant

The viewer decides what to watch and is therefore less likely to stop the video.

Extra informatie

Give extra information

Using links to websites and downloadable content.

Increase the effect

Create interactive video with hihaho

Videos tend to be a passive experience. However, a video has more effect when it is relevant for the viewer and if the video actively engages them. Add interactions to let the viewer actively get started on your video.

With hihaho, you can use fourteen interactions and lots of extra features! Add questions to engage your viewer and create buttons to directly link to your webshop or to additional information. With an interactive menu, your viewers decide what they want to see. That way, your content will become more interesting and you will get more results!

With these interactions,
you can easily create your own interactive video:


Ask questions to let viewers engage with the content. Or ask for their opinion. You can award feedback and scores to the answers, and you can check the answers on the statistics page.


Create chapters to guide your viewers through the video. They will be able to directly jump to a certain chapter in the video.

Jump to

Skip parts of the video that you don’t find relevant for your viewers.

Pause screen

You can automatically pause the video at any time. That way, the viewer will have time to study some extra information, an image of the video screen itself.


Would you like to know your viewer’s opinion? Ask for a rating.


Add texts to emphasize or to elaborate something. You can also use this interaction to make buttons, so that the viewer can go to a different website or scene.

Scroll text

Let a text scroll by, e.g. “Our new collection is now available!”


Add an image, like a logo, banner, or infographic. You can also make these images clickable, by adding a hyperlink or a ‘jump to’ action type.


With a blinking dot, you can emphasize a certain part in your video. The hotspot can also contain text or a URL.

Transparent button

Does the video itself already have nice buttons or a logo? Then place a transparent button on top of these parts to make them clickable.


You can highlight a certain part of your video. That way, you can draw more attention to it!


Add sound effects or music to your video.


Emphasize parts of your video by zooming in. This will make your video more dynamic.

Collect viewer data

Ask your viewer for personal data at the start of the video. For example, their name, email address or place of residence.


Upload an SRT file to add subtitles to your video.

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