Display specific content for each viewer

A unique, personalized experience for every individual viewer

What if you want to create a personalized video message in your emails, newsletters or on your website? What if you want to add personal data of a specific viewer to their personal video? It can be both very expensive and time consuming to manually create personalized content. 

But there’s a solution for that!

With personalization in hihaho you can create outstanding personal video messages, offers or other types of content in the shape of an interactive video. Easily add personal information that can be provided by either the viewer or yourself!

Personalized content

Add content, such as names, company names or job titles, to create a video experience as if it was made specifically for a viewer.

Do it yourself

Easily create interactions in your video that display content based on user input or information from your client database.

Multiple sources

Allow viewers to put in personal information or connect personalized information from your client database to your interactive layer.

How to apply personalization to your interactive layer

Add variables to your videos

Variables will be replaced by content that applies to the viewer. For example, {name} will display as the viewers’ name.

Add variables to your interactions

Interactions will display content based on provided input. For example: “Hi, {name}!” could display as “Hi, William!” 

Gather or provide personalized content

You can let the viewer put in their information or use your own gathered data to have it displayed in your video.


Full video personalization


Display personalized content in text interactions, pause screens, hotspots, question interactions, forms and ratings

Enable personalized content based on collected viewer data

Enable personalized content based on URL variables

Enable personalized content based on CSV imports

Enable automated personalized content through API connection

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