Meet the hihaho team

The Netherlands

Mark Visser

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Visser has been actively involved in ‘blended learning’ and ‘adaptive learning’ for over twenty years now. He directed and co-owned several SaaS and consultancy companies and is currently the CEO of Since 2015, Mark is a board member of the Dutch Training Association for Private Education (NRTO).

Jeroen Krouwels

Chief Commercial Officer

Jeroen is very passionate about investigating & creating innovative video solutions for eLearning, performance support, eCommerce, public information and corporate communication. He is proud to be director of the leading do-it-yourself platform for interactive video: hihaho.

Anne-Wil Tollenaar

Chief Content Officer

Ever since she joined the hihaho team in 2015, Anne-Wil has been passionate about using interactive video for different purposes. As chief of hihaho’s Content & Training department, she can help you get the most out of your interactive video content.

Ivo van Halen

Chief Operating Officer

Ivo started his career over 15 years ago, leading projects for customers like Heineken, ING Bank and AS Watson. Since 2019 he runs the internal organization of hihaho.

Marin Groothengel


Working as a consultant at hihaho since 2017, Marin helps clients in sectors such as healthcare, education, the food industry, and retail. By using her experience and asking the right questions, she will help you to find or create an interactive solution that fits your needs.

Elien Kersjes


Elien has already helped many clients in all kinds of sectors. She loves seeing new clients grow in using hihaho interactive video to its fullest potential. With a keen eye and a bright smile, Elien is always looking for ways to help others achieve their goals with interactive video.

Stefan Drenth

Content Creator

With a passion for visual communication, Stefan tries to make the most out of visual aspects of video. Discovering interactivity sparked his interest in it's endless possibilities. As a content creator at hihaho, he has been putting in work to support other creators with blogs, social media updates and of course interactive videos.

North America

Greg Groce

Managing Director US Xprtise

Based in Philadelphia Greg works with US and global partners. He focusses on supporting performance support and learning in the flow of work. He is passionate about helping clients to use the best technical solutions and methodology to assist their employees in the moment of need.


Robin Ceusters

Business Development Manager Video Factory

Robin is responsible for business developing within Videofactory. She is committed to putting interactive video on the map within the corporate world. Robin is a real people person and loves making new contacts. She does this live from Schoten (near Antwerp) or digitally.


Yaron Schwartz

CEO, Viducon

With a background from the higher education sector, Yaron is highly passionate about video as a teaching & learning tool. He seeks to make organizations fully utilize the potential of video solutions for learning & development purposes. Adding value, securing ROI, along with service and customer relations, are of key importance for him.


Alberto Paradela

Chief Executive Officer Goviideo

Alberto is a dynamic and energetic person. He is in charge of coordinating the Goviideo team to achieve the goals set by the company. He has good relationships with important clients and is passionate about helping them develop innovative marketing strategies through interactive video.

Alberto Fernández del Amo

Chief Operating Officer Goviideo

Alberto is a proactive and organized person. Involved in his work and looking for excellence in everything he does. His work as operations manager is vital to coordinate all projects and to be the link between clients and the Goviideo team.

Sonia Paradela Sánchez

Marketing and Design Manager Goviideo

Sonia is very creative and passionate about her work. She is in charge of giving the necessary magic to Goviideo’s projects and generating new concepts that seduce our clients.

Iván Ledo Cambero

Production Manager Goviideo

Iván has more than 20 years of experience in video production. His dedication and the quality of his work make him unique. This is one of the added values that Goviideo offers its clients.

Gema Santiago

Account Manager Goviideo

Gema is an active person who takes great care in everything she does. She is passionate about being part of the Goviideo team and is a key member in supporting our clients. Always offering a quick and efficient solution to our clients’ requests.

South America

Jovanka Pinas

E-Learning Specialist Maxcademy

With a Business Management Master degree from China in her pocket, Jovanka creates beautiful e-learning videos with hihaho for our clients.

Bianca Eersel

E-Learning Content Specialist Maxcademy

Bianca has many years of experience as a teacher, trainer and software consultant and loves creating new and engaging content.

Central America

Jan Kouwenhoven

Chief E-Learning Officer Maxcademy

Jan comes from a family of teachers, but studied IT. It is no coincidence he ended up building digital learning experiences.


Yoshio Fujimatsu

CEO Splineglobal

Co-founder and CEO of Spline Global. Yoshio Fujimatsu is responsible for global business, growth of customer’s business, and innovation with the dedicated service.


Kam Amilthan

CEO, Digital Learning Bee

Founder of Digital Learning Bee, Kam has been introducing innovative learning technologies to the ANZ market and has been providing digital learning services to corporate, government, education, healthcare, and not-for-profit institutions. Kam is passionate about making quality learning affordable for all.

Sagar Dewale

Product Manager, Digital Learning Bee

Sagar is passionate about technology start-ups and is the product manager for hihaho. A computer engineering graduate with a zeal for solving problems. He is keen on interactive video’s role in learning and marketing. Sagar is a proponent of promoting organizations to use videos effectively to educate their stakeholders.

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