Image interaction

Images such as logos, banners or infographics can be uploaded to your video. You can also choose to make these images clickable by adding a hyperlink or have it jump to a specific moment in the video.

Upload buttons in your own style

Are you able to create visuals in Adobe Photoshop or other design software? Add your own creations to your videos.

Add GIFs

Import GIF files to your video, an animated arrow or a loop from a different video fragment for example.

Add graphs, tables or summaries

To provide the viewer with extra information in the video.

Appealing visuals in your own visual branding

In hihaho you can easily add your own images. For example, you can add logos, icons, and buttons. You can also add a map that can be enhanced with hotspots to make it clickable. Do you want to give the viewer more time to study the image? Combine it with a Pause screen to let the viewers decide when they are ready to continue with the video.

You can make every image clickable. You could, for example, have an image of your logo redirect the viewer to your website, or add buttons like “Buy now” or “Skip intro” that you created in a design program. In short: the Image interaction allows you to fully let the video match with your own branding or style!

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