Zoom interaction

Similar to the Highlight interaction, the Zoom interaction is used to create focus on a certain part of your interactive video.

Redirect attention

The Zoom interaction will easily direct your viewers’ attention to something you want to emphasize.


When you have a lot of information displayed in your video, it can be convenient to zoom in on what is relevant at that moment.

Important information

The Zoom interaction gives the viewer a better focus on the subject which helps them to remember important information better.

Guiding viewers

Sometimes, there are a lot of details going on in your video. The Zoom interaction can help you to focus on specific details if you want to.

Use the Zoom interaction when you want to automatically zoom in on a specific part of your video. This way you’ll know for sure that your viewer sees the information that is important for them to see.

Remember that hihaho is not a video editing software. In some cases it might be better to use a video editing software to zoom in on your video, if you’re looking for specific options.

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