Question interaction

Ask questions to actively engage your viewers. This will help them to remember the information better. You can also ask for their opinion and see their answers in the statistics overview.

Personalized content

The viewer’s answer will determine what will happen next.

Optional feedback screen

You can easily add feedback in the form of text.

Extensive analytics

Find out how your viewers answered each question.


You can add four types of questions to your videos in hihaho:

  • Multiple Choice questions (one correct answer)
  • Multiple response questions (multiple correct answers)
  • Entry or Fill in the Blank questions (often used by language or math teachers)
  • Open-ended questions (useful for longer answers and asking opinions)

The Question interaction is ideal to make sure your audience remembers the video better. A question before showing the information in the video keeps your viewers on the edge of their seats, because they want to find out whether the answer they gave is correct. A question after the given information can help the viewer summarize the most important information that was given. You can keep it easy with a true or false question or make it more difficult. Afterwards you can see who answered which questions correctly and incorrectly on the statistics page.

And have you considered adding a ‘Watch again’ button so viewers can rewatch (a part of) the video when they don’t know the answer to a question? There’s also the option to redirect the viewer to different scenes, depending on what answer they gave. This is very useful for creating a branched scenario. Does the viewer pick the right answer and do they get to see the ending of the story? Or do they give the wrong answer and is a part of the video repeated?

Fill in the Blank question

An Entry or Fill in the Blank question consists of a paragraph, sentence, or phrase with a blank space where a viewer provides the missing word.

Open-ended question

Last but not least, an Open-ended question can be used for viewers to leave their contact details or opinion in the video. This way, people can sign up for an event or participate in research, for example.

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