Your hihaho interactive videos can be connected with many well-known systems and softwares. This will help you make your videos even more intelligent and make it easier for you to collect all your data in one place.

Google Analytics
Store the user statistics of your video in your own Google Analytics, so that you have all your online data in one place.

Google Tag Manager
Connect Google Tag Manager to your videos, so you can also track your marketing campaign visitors within your interactive videos.

SalesForce, FreshSales and PipeDrive
Automatically save data from your interactive videos directly to the contact person or lead in your CRM.

Marketo, Hubspot
Use the user data from your video in your marketing automation system.

MailChimp, CampagneMonitor
Collect email addresses through your video and save them directly to your email campaign software.

Zenddesk, Freshdesk, Trello
Create tasks in your favorite issue tracker using the data from your interactive videos.


Want to integrate with a different app? Contact us to discuss the options.