H5P is part of Joubel, a Norwegian company which offers a spectrum of features to enrich learning content. Interactive video is one of many possibilities. H5P interactions include several question types to drag-and-drop text. In addition, you can make your questions adaptive for when you want people that answered incorrectly to rewatch certain information.

The software is developed open-source and and offered with freemium business model. That means you may download it for free from h5p.org and install it on your own server. You can also purchase H5P via h5p.com as a SaaS solution. In that case you don’t have to install the software on your own server. The open-source business model enables organizations to make content interactive with a small budget. That’s why H5P is excellent for people in education who are technically savvy.

We can conclude that H5P has a wider range of offerings to make content interactive. H5P is great for handmade e-learning content in a broad sense. When it comes to interactive video, the possibilities with hihaho are much greater. The hihaho platform has more features and is much more advanced. Integration options of hihaho are more advanced as it is fully API based. It is also possible to automate interactive video production with hihaho. Therefore we suggest that hihaho is better suited for i.e. public education and corporate learning.