Speed up your production process, personalize viewer experience or optimize your data gathering with our endless automation possibilities

Why automation for interactive video?

Time saving​

Video production can consume a lot of time. Automize various steps of the video production process to make the production of tens, hundreds or even thousands of videos possible!​


Add personalized interactive content to your videos, gather personalized input and use it to extend interactivity beyond your video. Create a unique viewing experience for each viewer!​

Data gathering

Measure additional data that is automatically gathered through your interactive video and integate it with your own platform. Get more specific and in depth viewer data!

Use case: Careanimations

Careanimations uses a fully automated interactive video production process to replace physical medicine leaflets with animated video leaflets. With the help of our backend API, they can create 100’s of interactive videos per minute with little effort.

Automated steps

Various steps of the interactive video production process were automatized to make mass production of thousands of interactive videos possible.

Generating audio

TXTOmedia made it possible to generate a voice-over, with written text as the only input. This content is later used to generate visual content. Read more about TXTOmedia

Creating interactive video

Animated footage is automatically generated, synced with the audio and uploaded to hihaho. Interactions, such as interactive menus and buttons, are then automatically added.

Optimize interactive video production process

Automation in hihaho allows:

  • Generating source videos from your existing content
  • Mass production of interactive videos with little effort
  • Keeping videos up to date with little effort


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Personalize viewer experience

Automation allows hihaho to:

  • Display personalized information in your video like language preference and name of the viewer. 
  • Personalize script based on viewers decisions
  • Track and save viewer progress

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Gather extended interactive video data

Automation allows hihaho to:

  • Gather data based on custom parameters
  • Gather data on a personal level
  • Export your video as a SCORM-package or use our xAPI functionality.

Can’t find your video production solution on this page yet? Contact us to discover the possibilities.

Possibilities with API

Data API

This API lets you integrate our data with your own application. This way you can for example create a dashboard that merges data from hihaho and your mail system.

Create/upload API

This API is used to automatically upload videos and/or make them interactive. It also enables you to create large quantities on interactive video while saving lots of time.

Javascript API

This API lets your own platform and your interactive videos communicate with each other in real time. This makes this possible to personalize web content based on interactive video clicks.

Do you have a custom automation request or do you simply want to know more about the endless possibilities?

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