Custom video player

Personalize your hihaho video player to fit your brand or liking

Endless possibilities

Endless options of color combinations, supported webfonts, logos and icons

Give your interactive videos a look and feel that suits your brand or campaign! Add custom colors, fonts and logos to create a unique hihaho player This way you can fully customize your player to your visual branding or personal preference. You can even choose to design several branded players for specific interactive videos.

Customize the look of your interactive videos ​

Player Colors

Choose custom colors to your playerbar that matches with your identity.

Interaction Colors

Choose custom colors for your interactions that matches with your identity.


Any Google webfont can be added to the studio. Contact us for other fonts.


Add your logo or personal icon. This will help finish your fully branded look and feel.

Branded player examples

Standard hihaho player

Custom Goviideo player

Custom Elevana player

Custom BMW player

Custom Careanimations player

How would your branded player look like?


Professional branding


Custom player colors
Custom interaction colors
Add your own logo or icon

White label player


Custom player colors
Custom interaction colors
Add your own logo or icon
Custom webfont
Remove powered by hihaho icon

Would you like to create your own custom player?

Contact Ivo with your requested colors, logo and webfont so he can make it happen! 

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