Case Study: Open Universiteit

Educational serious game videos for criminal law students

Dutch university Open Universiteit created one of the first large-scale serious gaming projects in Dutch education called Damocles. Damocles is an interactive video sequence in which the viewer gets to make decisions and handle a criminal murder and drugs case. The serious game was piloted through over 400 criminal law students.


Watch the trailer Damocles trailer here to get an impression of the interactive video series! Make sure to turn on subtitles to watch in your own language.

Client request

Open universiteit was looking for a way to enhance learning efficiency of criminal law proceses for their students. Criminal law professor Sven Brinkhoff wanted to recreate a real life scenario of handling a criminal process through an engaging, online experience.


With the help of branched scenarios, decisions viewers make influence the course of the video. Clickable hotspots, buttons, and question interactions create an immersive learning experience, allowing viewers to apply learned information in realistic scenarios.

Data that is gathered from these videos yield valuable input for real life classes. Given answers and other information are discussed during classes and create a connection between studying from home, through interactive video, and in class.

What made hihaho the solution?


Scenarios based on viewers decisions create a personalized experience.


Pausing when information or a question is shown enhances learning efficiency.

Data gathering

Interactive video can gather valuable information and data from viewers

Why interactive video for learning?


Visual indicators, such as hotspots, help guide viewers’ attention towards important information and store it better.

Realistic scenarios

Scenario based tasks help prepare learners for real life scenarios where similar actions have to be performed.

In depth questions

Viewers not only make decisions in the videos, they also get asked why they choose a certain option or answer.

Interested in a customized solution?

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