Interactive video helps you to explain clearly, learn more, and to understand better. Try our do-it-yourself interactive video solution and see for yourself how easy and effective it is for teaching and studying.

Contrary to other interactive video solutions, hihaho offers great advantages with the unique interactive layer technology.

With hihaho, you can:


We get data out of every click and interaction in every second of the video. You can learn from your viewers and enhance your videos based on viewer behavior.

This makes hihaho the most powerful interactive video solution worldwide for students and teachers. But you don’t have to take our word for it, try hihaho for free and see for yourself!

Educational license

For teachers and students, we have a special educational license, where you can try hihaho interactive video for free. Register with the email address of your educational institution and get 5 interactive videos and 10,000 views on your account.

Do you want to publish more interactive videos? We offer a 50% discount on the standard pricing for educational institutions. Contact us if you want to use our special prices for education.

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