hihaho Privacy policy

How does hihaho player handle third party requests?

The requests are sent to:

  1. assets-jpcust.jwpsrv.com, jwpltx.com, jwpcdn.com, content.jwplatform.com, the platform on which the videos run; all videos are hosted in the European Economic Area.
  2. cdnjs.cloudflare.com, the Content Delivery Netwerk, cooperating with Amazon; our platform is hosted at Amazon, and located in the EU (Ireland).
  3. dgxf25rufy8l9.cloudfront.net, for the delivery of fonts, also in cooperation with Amazon.
  4. fonts.googleapis.com, fonts.gstatic.com, for fetching custom Google fonts.
  5. ka-p.fontawesome.com, for specifically fetching the hihaho player’s icon font.
  6. www.google-analytics.com, www.googletagmanager.com, for fetching and loading Google analytics.

For general information on third party matters, see section on ‘Third party links’ in hihaho’s Privacy statement.

Do hihaho sub-processors comply with GDPR?

Yes. For up-to-date information, see the relevant sources below:

Kloekhorststraat 29
9401 BB Assen, The Netherlands

Secondary office
Galileïlaan 31
6716 BP Ede, The Netherlands

t. +31(0)592 377 285
e. info@hihaho.com