You can easily add subtitles to your interactive video. This way you can make your video better understandable and more accessible. You can choose to write these subtitles manually or subtract them from your video using an online tool.

Understand better

Subtitles help viewers understand spoken text better, especially if the video is not in their native language.


With subtitles in multiple languages, you make your interactive videos accessible to more people.

Mute proof

With subtitles your video can be watched without any issues in sound-sensitive environments, or without any sound at all.

Add subtitles to improve your interactive video

Uploading your subtitles separately in hihaho brings you several benefits. The viewers can decide for themselves whether they want to toggle the subtitles on or off. Also, you can edit subtitle files in hihaho, without having to upload them again. Lastly, you can add multiple subtitle files to hihaho, meaning you can enable subtitles in more than one language.

If you want to add subtitles to your interactive video, there are useful tools that can help you create subtitle files you can upload in hihaho. Viewers can toggle the subtitles by clicking the CC button in the player bar or you can choose to have the subtitles displayed by default. If you’ve added multiple languages, this is also where they can choose a language.

You can also choose to show the subtitles by default in the video. This will cause the CC button to completely disappear and subtitles will always be shown to viewers. The downside of this setting is that the subtitles can only be shown in one language.

Lastly, you can choose to replace the CC button with a button that says “Subtitles” within the video. This button allows the viewer to toggle the subtitles as well.

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