What is interactive video?

Interactive video offers endless possibilities to turn a passive video into an active experience. Interactivity not only lets you tell a story, but your viewers literally become part of it. Depending on the choices they make, they will determine the course of the video. This allows for easy navigation to relevant content.

Video with an interactive layer

Interactive video helps employees, students, and others who want to learn to easily understand information, memorize it better an apply the information more effectively. Our L&D experts are ready to help you make the first step towards interactive video.

Interactive video Example

Interactive video can be used to train employees. Take a look at the example.

The difference between linear and interactive video

Linear video

Interactive video

Why use interactive video?

When you think of online entertainment, marketing, or education, you’ll probably think of video. Understandable, because over 80% of internet traffic consists of videos. Online video has offered everyone many possibilities and has completely innovated the online world. Yet, traditional, linear video does not let you get the most out of the medium.

The benefits of interactive video

How to create interactive video?

Producing an interactive video is a rather similar to producing a linear one, except for one additional step: adding the interactive elements. You can decide to outsource the video production to a creative agency. Would you like to create your own interactive video, all by yourself? You can! We’ve compiled a list of interactive video platforms, highlighting the purposes that each one is suitable
for. Would you like to know more about the process of creating an interactive video with hihaho? Then check out the video below!

Top 3 types of interactive video

Explainer videos

Make information accessible and clear by adding clickable buttons and menus.

How-to videos

Navigate through the video and access the information you need at that moment.

Product videos

Product videos give viewers an inspiring experience of your product.

And more!

There are endless ways to use interactive videos! Discover them in our video showcase.

Application examples

Instructional videos

Interactive video offers all kinds of interactive elements that makes it easier for viewers to understand and apply new information. Interactivity within a video ensures a higher engagement for your videos. 

Information can be better remembered and applied because viewers get direct access to the information in their moment of need. OK Learning shows an example of this. They created an interactive video to help medical staff with prepping the machinery in the operating room.

Public information

By engaging the viewers, interactive video helps to stimulate active thinking. This will help them to retain new information, which increases the chances of actual behavioral change. Interactively visualizing the information ensures that the content of the video will be easier to understand and apply.

For example: people often find it difficult to understand and apply textual, medical information. That is why CareAnimations creates interactive, animated videos to help better understand medical leaflets, giving viewers access to the information they need.


With interactive video, you can give your customers an interactive experience with your products, without them having to visit a physical store. On average, interactivity in a video allows for a longer viewing time and a higher conversion than linear videos.

Spanish video producer Goviideo uses interactive video in showrooms of all kinds of well-known car brands. In doing so, they give viewers a spectacular experience when it comes to product orientation.

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