It’s a match: hihaho wins Groningen Open for Innovation challenge by Boom uitgevers

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On Wednesday April 7th, hihaho attended Groningen Open for Innovation, an online event hosted by Campus Groningen. Several companies, including Boom uitgevers, got the opportunity to introduce their project challenges here. Boom uitgevers issues teaching methods for secondary education. One of these methods called ‘Leefstijl’ helps teachers to better understand students’ social and emotional development. 

The challenge

Boom uitgevers was experiencing difficulty with practicing the Leefstijl training programme online due to COVID-19. Therefore, they were looking for a way to innovate this learning method by making it revolve more around online and interactive aspects. We got to pitch our approach in 1 minute and guess who won? We did!

Celebrating winning Groningen Open for Innovation challenge

The redesign we proposed for their educational programme contains four steps:

  1. Decomposition of the current programme and determining which components will remain contact bound and which can be shaped into digital teaching methods;
  2. Organizing the components into segments and choosing the most effective digital tools per component to create an attractive and varied entirety;
  3. Putting the segments into SessionLab, an online platform in which a didactic teaching method can be designed;
  4. Realizing an interactive timeline with integrated working methods together with Boom uitgevers.

We’re very excited to take on this challenge and reshape the Leefstijl programme into an interactive learning experience!

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