Viducon enters into partnership with Dutch Hihaho

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The Danish company, Viducon, enters into partnership with the Dutch SaaS company, hihaho, in order to accommodate the increasing demand from customers concerning interactive videos for employee training and educational purposes.

Intelligent video solutions for streamlining organizations

Viducon is working within the field of video solutions offering software, hardware and services to organizations while supporting employee training and digital learning. Moreover, Viducon is selling Panopto and Swivl, which are video solutions seeking to make recording, hosting and sharing of videos more efficient.

“Hihaho is an interesting partner for us, as their software contains a series of functions, which can make all videos interactive. Our customers have been interested in these options for a long time, and we are happy that we now have the opportunity to offer these features,” says Yaron Schwartz, CEO at Viducon.

An interactive experience

Organizations can use the videos they already have and add functions from hihaho such as questions, pop-up menus etc., to engage the viewer more in the video. In addition, hihaho can be integrated with many types of video platforms, including Panopto, Youtube, and Vimeo. The hihaho software is suitable for all types of organizations especially within the areas of employee training, marketing and education.

“We are pleased to announce that Viducon has become a certified hihaho channel partner for Denmark and Sweden. Viducon’s proven reputation as a specialist in the field of online video services is important for us to be able to support interactive video locally, both stand-alone and in combination with Panopto. We look forward to a long-term partnership with which we can further strengthen our position as product leader for interactive video,” says Jeroen Krouwels, Director of hihaho.


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