Become a hihaho partner

Partners from around the world use the hihaho platform to sell interactive video to their clients. Are you interested in becoming a partner? Let us know.

Different partnerships

What kind of partnership suits you?​

Creative agencies & content partners create content like eLearning and video which they enrich with interactive video. Content partners are creative agencies, video producers, L&D companies. 

Channel partners have a large local network that they use to sell the hihaho platform.

Seamlessly integrate hihaho into your own platform via our state of the art API technology.

Enrich your portfolio

New business

Broaden your portfolio with interactive video. Attract new clients and new business opportunities.


Increase your added value with customers and offer interactive video on top of existing services.

Increase revenue

Last but not least. Our partners increase their revenue by selling interactive video. 

All over the world

Our partners are located all over the world. View all our partners

About partnerships

We cultivate long-term relationship with our partners, in which we optimally facilitate our partners to generate revenue by selling interactive video and hihaho licenses.

We receive many requests to become partners. An important condition is that you can convince us that you are capable of selling interactive video in your local market. We look at the network you have, your experience and your business plan.

Are you convinced that you can become a suitable partner? Apply and we will be happy to get to know you.

Partnership benefits for agencies


Get free trial publications to receive feedback from your clients.


Receive our invoice when your customer is completely satisfied.


Receive extra discount on the online price. Starting from your third video each year.

Customer management

Different folders, containers, roles and permissions to manage customer projects

Channel partner

Grow your hihaho business and get the opportunity to become a channel partner.


Get full access to our APIs in order to automate your customer projects. 


After receiving your application, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your application in person.

Do you have questions about becoming a partner?

Don't hesitate to ask your questions.

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