What is interactive video?

Interactive video offers endless possibilities to turn a passive video into an interactive experience. With interactivity, you won't just tell a story. Your viewers will literally become a part of it. They are in control over the video and their choices decide the way the story goes. Viewers can easily navigate that is relevant to them this way.

Video with an interactive layer

Interactive video helps employees, students and anyone else who wants to learn, understand and store information better. This way they can apply the gathered information more effectively. Our L&D experts are at your service to help you take the step towards interactive video.

The difference between linear and interactive video

Interactive video

Linear video - YouTube

Why interactive video?

If you think about online entertainment, marketing or education, chances are you’ll think of video. Which is understandable, because about 80% of all internet traffic consists of videos nowadays. Video has offered us lots of possibilities and developed the online world like never before. But traditional, linear video does not yet make the most of the medium.

The benefits of interactive video

How do you make interactive video?

The production process of an interactive video is similar to that of a linear video, but with an extra step: adding interactivity. You can choose to create and interactive video yourself or outsource it to a creative agency. Do you want to get started with interactive video yourself? You can! We established a list of 48 interactive video platforms for you to figure out which software suits you best.

Top 3 interactive video types

Explanation videos

You can clarify information and make it more accessible with clickable buttons and menus.

How-to videos

Viewers can easily navigate to the information they're looking for, wherever and whenever they want.

Product videos

With product videos you give your viewers an engaging experience of your product without them having to visit your physical shop.

And more!

Interactive video has endless possibilities! Discover them in our interactive video showcase.

Instruction videos

Interactive video offers all kinds of interactive elements that help viewers understand and apply information more easily. Interactivity in a video also creates a more engaging experience than traditional, linear video.

Information can be remembered and applied better with interactive video because information is easily accessible at the exact moment viewers need it. For example, OK Learning created an interactive video to ensure quick and correct preparation of medical equipment.

Public information

Interactive video creates engagement between viewers and the story a video tells which stimulates active thinking. This way, new information can be remembered better which contributes to behavioral change. Creating an interactive visualization of information helps viewers understand and apply the shown information more easily.

The majority of people tend to find textual, medical information difficult to understand and apply. That’s why Kijksluiter created interactive video prescriptions so viewers can easily navigate to the information they’re looking for.


With interactive video you can give customers and interactive experience of your products without them having to visit your physical shop. Interactivity in a video contributes to longer average viewing time and a higher conversion than linear video.

Spanish video agency Goviideo uses interactive video for showrooms of all sorts of car brands. They give viewers spectacular experiences for product orientation this way.

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