#1 interactive video platform on the Top Tools for Learning list by Jane Hart

The Top 100 Tools for Learning list by EdTech researcher Jane Hart helps people to discover new learning methods. We greatly value the inspiration this list gives thousands of learners worldwide. It helps people to try new learning tools and find out which are best for them!

The highest ranked interactive video platform for video learning

The Top Tools for Learning list of 2022 was published recently and hihaho is the #1 interactive video platform! We feel honored to have received this many votes which led to hihaho being ranked 45th on the list of learning tools. Our spot on the list is very valuable to us and we try to help users improve video learning with interactivity.

How we improve video learning by the day

Interactive video is used for learning more and more often. We see an increase in the amount of interactive learning videos created by our users. Perhaps that’s also why we went from the 50th to the 45th place on Jane Hart’s list of learning tools!

We’re constantly updating our interactive video platform with new features, new interactions and new ways to improve user experience. We continuously aim to innovate in order to remain the #1 interactive video tool on Jane Hart’s list. Do you use hihaho for video learning and do you have suggestions for features or improvements to our platform? Make sure to let us know.

Thanks to everyone who voted for hihaho as one of their top tools for video learning!

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