How to increase viewer engagement of your video lesson or webinar by up to 400%

Did you know that hihaho offers educational licenses for students and teachers? This includes starting out with interactive video for free and discounts on premium and supreme subscriptions. An increasing amount of publishers and trainers discovered they can enrich their videos with a didactic layer by making their videos interactive. 

The corona virus has brought many schools and trainers to online video. Some online video platforms generated 30 times more traffic than usual. Before COVID-19, recorded lectures and webinars were mainly used by people who missed the live sessions. Now, the result is a big collection of meaningful content about different topics by many teachers and experts. For instance, many videos that were put on YouTube turned out to be useful for colleagues and other people doing the same line of work.

They changed the video lecture or webinar to an educational learning product, by adding questions, assignments, and URLs to more learning content. And when they recorded a long webinar, a menu makes it much easier for viewers to watch the part they needed. In comparison with traditional e-learnings, production time and costs decreased.

Would you like to know how to create an interactive video lesson? You can watch an example below.


As you can see, it’s quite easy to record a video. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Would you like to record some videos of yourself and get some useful tips? Michael Wesch, professor at Kansas State University, also had to get used to getting in front of a camera. He shares his experiences and tips in the video below.

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