How To Prepare Your Shooting Day Like A Pro

How To Prepare Your Shooting Day Like A Pro

You finalized your script, you know what your video should look like… and now all you have to do is actually shoot the video. No stress, because we are going to help you out! Here are our top 5 tips and tricks to help you get through your shooting day like a pro.

1. Organize to the max

Put your organizational skills to use and create a solid schedule for the shooting day. At what time do you want to start and when do you want to finish? How much time is needed to film each scene? Are there specific attributes that need to be available at a specific time? Do the scenes need to be filmed in a specific order? These are all valid questions to think about when planning your shooting day. It will definitely make your shooting day a whole lot better if you think this through beforehand.

2. Prepare for the worst-case scenario

In our experience, shooting days are like weddings; they rarely go as planned. No matter how much time and effort you put into planning the perfect shooting day, it’s best to be prepared for some possible setbacks. Your main actor could call in sick at the very last minute, your camera could break down during shooting, or a massive storm could literally blow your film set away (a little dramatic, but still…).

So, make sure that you always have a backup plan. Have another actor ready to help you out, reserve a backup camera if the first one breaks down, and always check the weather beforehand. Especially if you plan to film at an outdoor location. That being said, always plan some extra room in your schedule in case you have to deal with possible setbacks.

3. Divide and conquer

It really helps to divide your script into separate scenes. This will make it easier for you to plan a certain amount of time for each scene and to keep track of what has already been filmed. Creating different scenes will also be very helpful when editing the video, to keep your editing process organized. Another advantage of doing this is that it is easier to deal with possible setbacks, like the ones mentioned before.

Why, you might ask? Let’s say that you planned to start off your shooting day with scenes 2 and 4, both scenes for which you need sunny weather. If your shooting day starts off with an unwelcome shower, you won’t be able to film these scenes first. Dividing your script into scenes thus makes it easier to be flexible in your planning. A more in-depth guide on the best way to write your script can be found in this blog

4. Think about the type of shots beforehand

If you have a clear vision of how your video should turn out, you might want to think about the kind of shots you want to create before the shooting day. And what you need in order to achieve those shots. If you want cinematic aerial shots in your video, you could use a drone. If you want to emphasize someone’s expression, you might want to film it in close-up and use a macro lens to bring out more details. Another thing to keep in mind is whether you want to add text, images, or interactive buttons to your video. For instance, if you want to add a button to the left side of the video, you should make sure that the object you’re filming is positioned to the right, leaving room for the elements you want to add.

5. Make sure that everyone is up to speed

This one is especially important if multiple people are involved in your plans. Share all your relevant documents with those involved, including your planning for the day, the final scripts, and an overview of the attributes that are needed. Make sure to do this well before the shooting day, so everyone involved has enough time to prepare themselves and study their lines.

And there you have it. Try to make good use of these tips, and your shooting day will be a breeze!

All done gathering your imagery? The next step is to fuse it into the final product that will be your video. There is plenty of editing software to choose from. To make sure you won’t get lost in all the possibilities, this blog will help you pick the video editing software that suits you best!



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