7 tips to improve social media engagement with interactive video

You’ve finished your masterpiece of an interactive video and now it’s time to share it with the world! Social media engagement is an essential part of your social media strategy and great for helping you reach your audience with interactive video content.

Have you shared an interactive video on social media before? You might want to read how you can publish your interactive video on social media platforms to engage your audience, before you continue reading.

Discover the best ways to boost your social media success and engage your audience more than ever! Here are 7 tips to improve your social media strategy and increase engagement with interactive video.


1. Grab the attention

Have you ever started your social media post with a question? This will immediately grab the attention of your audience and draw them in to what you’re telling them. The way you write your message plays a big role in whether the reader feels invited and engaged to watch your interactive video. Create some guidelines in your social media strategy for writing posts.

2. Stay on point

It might be tempting to write a post that covers everything your interactive video shows. However, a longer text can overwhelm your viewers and cause them to skip your post completely. Try to keep the text of your interactive video post under 80 characters to receive up to 66 percent higher engagement.

3. Experiment with ingredients

There is no guaranteed success formula for the ideal interactive video post, but there are a lot of components you can experiment with. What works best for your video, depends on the audience you’re trying to reach. It all comes down to trying a lot and seeing what does and what doesn’t work for your videos. 

Keep track of your finds and merge them into your social media strategy. There are also a lot of useful tools that can help you monitor your social media engagement statistics, such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite, and Hubspot.

4. Put them into action

When the reader is intrigued by your text, you want to motivate them to watch your interactive video by ending your post with a call to action. “Learn all about it in this interactive video!” or “Discover what it’s like in our interactive experience!” for example.

Take a look at these two example posts. The first one addresses the viewer directly and invites them to watch the video, a good example! The other seems more like one-way communication and doesn’t feel very inviting.

5. Know when to post where

It is best to post frequently and stay present on your followers’ timelines as much as you can. The best time to share your interactive video on social media for optimal engagement depends on the platforms you choose to post on. 

Each social media platform has its own peak times when it comes to the highest exposure rate and chance people will actually click the link to the interactive video player. 

A quick side note: keep in mind that the audience you’re trying to reach, might live in a different time zone than you. Figure out which times are most efficient for you to post at and make sure to write them down in your social media strategy.

Facebook: the time with the most interaction on Facebook is around 19:00 PM on Wednesdays.

Instagram: the time with the most interaction on Instagram is around 5:00 PM on Thursdays.

Twitter: the time with the most interaction on Twitter is around 12:00 AM on either Mondays or Thursdays.

LinkedIn: the time with the most interaction on LinkedIn is around 19:00 PM on Thursdays.

6. Stay engaged

People like to be heard and what they comment on your interactive video post can be valuable for you. Check the comments on your posts, reply to compliments, take feedback in consideration, and answer questions. This is also a great way to keep track of what works, and what doesn’t.

7. Add relevant hashtags

Try to think about subjects, themes, and other terms that are relevant to your interactive video. You can use these for hashtags to help people find your interactive video post more easily. Make sure you check out what other posts use the hashtags you would like to use, to see if your post would fit in.

Time to put your interactive video in the online spotlight and get started with your own engaging social media post! Make sure to write something that’s relevant and inviting for your audience. Keep it short, to the point and add everything you learn to your social media strategy. Need help linking your social media post to your interactive video? Check out how you can share your interactive video on social media.

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