Customer Engagement Strategies for a Better Customer Retention

In this digital age, it’s not easy to stay competitive on the scene. Many companies innovate every day with their appealing advertisements to convince consumers to jump or shift to their services or product. Without a strong customer engagement strategy, you might be one step behind.

And since we’re talking about effective digital material, interactive video can definitely be something that can help you — but first, let’s tackle why customer engagement is important?

Customer engagement and retention mean a lot to a business. Especially in this digital era, where anyone can purchase online without going to a physical store,  having a customer or user that keeps coming back for your services or products just means that you’re providing them with high-quality solutions for their needs. And that’s what business is all about, to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

With client engagement and retention, it’s not ‘how many customers can I acquire for this day?’. It’s about how you can make your previous customer or client stay and continue to use your product.

And retaining a customer is not just putting something in front of them and expecting people to bite on what you offer, but it’s a mix of art and science. And for your consumers to be knowledgeable on what you have, you can use interactive videos as your advertising media.

Lucky for you, we’re here to share some tips on improving and maybe starting your client engagement strategy for better customer retention using interactive videos. Continue reading for more!

1. Make the customer’s experience a top focus.

Everything you offer to your customers or users in a business affects their decision to return or continue using your services and products, so personalizing their experience can give you an advantage.

By using interactive videos, you can customize their user experience based on their choices. Since interactive videos can be embedded with actionable buttons and can be skipped, your users will have full control over them.

In that way, if you target their needs and continue improving their experience within your services, they may likely stay as a loyal customer and recommend your products to others.

As a result, a positive client experience is critical for your success. Especially in digital engagement strategy, the customer experiences that generate an emotional connection with customers are the ones that are remembered. In terms of revenue, companies that exploit emotional connections outperform their competition by 85 percent.

Listening is the first step in building relationships with clients. It demonstrates your concern, and you’ll be able to learn about their interests, issues, and concerns with the help of interactive videos also.

2. Instantly respond to client concerns.

Immediately addressing client concerns boosts your credibility as it means that you attend to your customers’ needs and problems.

One of the reasons some businesses have a poor customer experience is a longer response time. To effectively revert this, implementing live chat can be one of the most effective customer retention methods. It reduces the effect of the factor that hurts the customer experience.

Also, with the use of interactive videos, you can include a function to it wherein your users can be redirected to a feedback window.

You can include almost any function in an interactive video depending also on the needs of your users.

3. Deliver Outstanding Customer Service

This may appear self-evident at first glance, but keep in mind that what a firm considers outstanding customer service may not always correspond with the client’s expectations. There is frequently a tremendous disconnect in perception. While about 75% of firms claim they are customer-centric, just 30% of customers agree. According to a 2017 study, eight out of ten customers are so annoyed that they are willing to pay more for a better experience.

The good thing about incorporating interactive videos into your business is you can

modify and edit them based on the result of your analytics. Since you can also track your user’s actions in your interactive videos, by including interactive features at various points during the video, you can track which elements viewers respond to, how long they interact with it, what information they find interesting, and what actions they take.

4. Customer feedback should be used wisely.

Since customers are the ones that benefit significantly from your products and vice versa, you should get serious with the feedback that they provide on your business. Having customers that leave feedback to your business is also a good sign that they care and want your business to improve.

Regular client feedback is a straightforward approach to find out if your customers are happy or unhappy with your products and services. Customer feedback is critical for every business and a crucial aspect in determining your company’s progress.

Customer complaints and feedback give you insight into how customers feel about your company as a whole. They also give you a better idea of how you’re doing.

Also, instead of using a traditional form in your website to ask for user feedback, interactive videos have a feature wherein users can input data directly in the video. In hihaho, we have a lot of other user engagement interactions that you can include in your interactive videos.

5. Create interactive content to help customers learn more about your company.

Customers are educated when a company attempts to give them accurate information on using its products or services. Customers should get started with the information generated because it should be interactive and simple to understand.

When customers choose to be linked with your business, customer education becomes effective. They become loyal, and they become brand advocates for your company. It provides customers with knowledge and insights into the product, allowing them to comprehend the product better.

In this era, customer engagement in digital marketing is one of the prominent strategies. And what can help you to educate your business’ vision and purpose greatly is the use of interactive videos.

Many prominent organizations are turning to interactive video to engage customers and achieve their digital marketing objectives. Although fresh, interactive video has already proven to be quite effective, 70% of marketers say it engages viewers “well” or “very well”, and 68% expect it will continue to become a more vital component of current marketing mixes.


Overall, customer engagement strategies can benefit a business greatly. You can better understand your customers’ demands and increase loyalty with well-designed client retention initiatives. Even if you’re just a small business at the moment, having loyal customers will bring great impact to your business’ presence.

We hope that you learned something from this blog! If you’re interested in how you can create an interactive video that will help your customers to better understand your business’ capability, contact us and create a free account here.


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