5 reasons to make your product videos interactive

Since interactive videos are not just a trend, but they proved their advantage when it comes to boosting your conversion rate. Many businesses already considered including them as their way of advertisement. 

Let’s be honest. These days, users want convenience — wherein they can do things simultaneously in one sitting. And that’s where interactive videos got it! You can integrate many types of interactions into a regular video, publish it on your site, and let your site visitors enjoy it. 

Considering using interactive videos on your website can help you climb the ladder of competition in online marketing, it’s time to innovate! Especially with technology these days.

Making your product videos or product demo videos interactive can bring you a lot of benefits and also bring satisfaction to your site visitors, so it’s definitely a win-win situation.

If you’re still looking for reasons why you should start making your interactive product videos, let hihaho walk you through. Let’s get started!

1. Your visitor is in charge.

Your visitors want to feel that they are the priority and making your product videos interactive, they will have complete authority and control over the interactive video, which is an advantage. It’s also easier for them to navigate through the video; since interactive videos are sectioned by parts, they can jump or skip to a specific part with no hassle.

Also, this will boost your viewer retention. It’s critical to capture and hold your target audience’s attention, but retention is just as crucial. You want your viewers to remember your message or your call to action after they leave. That’s why it’s also important that your interactive video satisfies your viewers’ needs without disregarding its quality and responsiveness. 

2. Responsiveness. 

Responsiveness is a key requirement that an interactive video should have. The sole purpose of this is because people use different devices, so an interactive video that can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and other devices will definitely stand out. 

Embedding an interactive video in your site that’s built to be responsive on any device will likely be more favorable to your site visitors. This way your product video can be watched on mobile or your product demo video on a tablet.

3. Trackable Analytics.

Another advantage of having an interactive video is that you can track its analytics. It’s critical to ensure that the information in a campaign can be tracked when evaluating it. If you can’t tell if your campaign is working, it becomes difficult to do your job. You can’t plan strategically for the future project if you don’t know how the prior ones turned out.

Using interactive videos, on the other hand, can help to lighten your load. With the inclusion of new tools, you can now track the performance of you product video or your product demo video. You can use these tools to assess video interactions, plays, dwell periods, engagement, completion, and conversion rates. Because interactive videos can be easily tracked using different devices, you can better measure the results and manage your next campaign based on the results you gathered.

4. Easy to develop. 

Converting your linear video to interactive video is easy. It’s also one of the reasons why it’s widely used because of how customizable it is. You can integrate any functions you deem needed in your video, and it doesn’t require a high level of technical knowledge. 

5. Flexible and customizable.

Lastly, interactive videos can be optimized instantly. You can edit your videos efficiently, even if they are already published on your website based on the result of the usage analytics. You don’t have to excess another effort since it doesn’t require creating a new video. You just have to modify the buttons, any call-to-actions, skip parts, or any feature that needs improvement. 

It’s time to leave the basics! Switch to interactive videos.

If you’re looking for a sign to switch from your linear site to an interactive video, then this is what you’re waiting for. 

With this era that we’re in, the traditional distinctions between “watching” and “doing,” “messaging” and “learning,” and “formal” and “informal” training have all but faded. People want something new and efficient, and with interactive videos, you can turn your passive viewers into active ones. 

Interactive video is a fascinating, rapidly emerging new format that may connect emotionally with learners and engage them in their own growth and development.


Interactive videos, in essence, give an exciting, engaging, and enjoyable approach for individuals to remember facts and information. People can become more emotionally attached as a result of their interactive nature and light-hearted approach to serious themes. Simply by creating an atmosphere that allows people to take greater control, creating narratives around instructional moments, and giving information that can have an impact on how people interpret the world around them.

The way individuals absorb information is changing. People increasingly demand things to be mobile, rapid, and interesting, and they want to learn as quickly as possible with the least amount of work. All of these desires can be fulfilled with interactive video.

People are more likely to learn something by watching an interactive video than by watching any other type of information. It’s more interesting, more enjoyable, and more effective at retaining their attention, so they aren’t bored or mentally exhausted while watching. Don’t be afraid to make a change! Try interactive videos now! Click here to create your free account.

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