A reallife example – Walking alongside a safety inspector

Considering the fact that interactive video is still a new concept to a lot of people, many may wonder what the possibilities are. And you might be one of them. That is why we have selected a special case for you: an interactive movie about an emergency lighting inspector.

Famostar Emergency Lighting is a company that provides emergency lighting. Famostar wanted to set up an interactive video aimed at potential emergency lighting inspectors, so they’ll get insight in what the job entails. Eventually, this became a half-hour interactive movie in which we follow a man, Steven Winters, who inspects emergency lighting in an outdated building.

Interactive map

The movie is fully interactive in that the viewer can decide which rooms they want to see by using the interactive map of the building. Furthermore, the viewer has to answer questions about the problems that inspector Winters has to solve. Then, he will see how inspector Winters copes with them. This way, the audience is challenged to keep thinking about the content instead of just consuming it.

This project has led to a follow-up of several shorter interactive videos serving as learning boosters in which the viewer is presented with common problems inspector Winters comes across. These shorter learning booster videos, allow Famostar to quickly update their viewers on the most recent issues and updates in the field of emergency lighting.

Fun and dynamic

These boosters are also aimed at improving the viewer’s learning curve by being sent out once a month to keep the inspectors learning, which means that Famostar can now track and guarantee which inspectors are completely up to date.

Manager Herold Boertjens has been and is extremely positive about this project. In a short interview, he said that it has made learning fun and more dynamic. “I’m receiving a lot of positive feedback. People now get a better idea of what the job entails and that would never have been possible with just the pure and abstract theory”, says Boertjens.

However, this is just one example of how you could implement interactive videos. What would you use it for?

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