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Help Jane Hart compile the Top Tools for Learning list!

For years, Edtech researcher Jane Hart has compiled the Top 300 Tools for Learning list. This list inspired thousands of people around the globe to […]

10 reasons why hihaho beats YouTube for interactive educational videos

Say goodbye to YouTube and welcome hihaho for interactive educational videos. Interactive elements will enhance your learning experience.

How to increase viewer engagement of your video lesson or webinar by up to 400%

Many trainers and publishers are challenged with teaching their classes online. Discover how to create an interactive video lesson!

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Reference by Alex Dowdalls from Axveco

Axveco collaborated with hihaho to create new learning paths for subjects like Data Driven business models, Data Management and Artificial Intelligence. Together we developed a training programme that consists of eLearning including interactive videos. Alex Dowdalls from Axveco tells all about his experience with hihaho in this article!

Interactive video on the rise in education and L&D

Online video will account for 82% of all Internet traffic by 2022, according to Cisco's trend monitor. In addition to entertainment and marketing, online video is increasingly used for learning. And there are good reasons for that. 

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