New customization and interactive features – June update

We haven’t been idle since our last product update post, because a lot of new features have been added to hihaho over the past few months. Compatibility with Google Fonts, a new action type for your interactions, and much more. Continue reading to find out what’s new and improved!

Personalize your interactive videos with Google Fonts

All Professional and Supreme users of hihaho can now request to have Google Fonts added to hihaho studio. This means that a total of 1,052 fonts by Google can be added to your interactive videos if you make use of  either of these licenses.

Jump to a specific time in the video – scheduled

Several interactions include an action type such as hyperlinks or jumping to the end of a video. A new action called ‘jump to a specific time in the video – scheduled’ has been added to the list of action types. You may already be familiar with the ‘jump to a specific time in the video’ action, which redirects the viewer to a different part of the video as soon as the interaction is clicked.

With this new action type, the jump interaction can be scheduled and won’t be triggered right away. The best way to explain this is with the help of the image below. Here you can see the button is clicked and a blue outline and check mark appear, indicating that the viewer has successfully clicked the interaction. However, the video keeps playing as it normally would. The clicked interaction registers and activates on a scheduled moment: 4 seconds later. It will then jump to the selected time in the video. If the interaction is not clicked, the video continues playing without jumping.

Scheduled jump interaction in a hihaho video

This interaction can be useful when you want to have the viewer make their choice in advance, but want the dialog to continue before the jump happens. As you can see in the example above, the presenter gets to finish his sentence before the viewer is redirected to the specific part in the video.

Play muted option

Your interactive video can now be preset to play muted at all times. This is useful for interactive videos that you want to use while presenting or that have to be muted for any other reason.

Data API

Hihaho now provides a data API which can be connected to any system that you want, for example to your CRM system (Salesforce, Pipedrive), your marketing tool (Marketo, HubSpot), or your custom dashboard. By connecting the data API to your own platform, you will have access to all data registered by hihaho in the digital environment you’re used to. Information such as test results from question interactions, the number of views on your videos, and registered clicks on interactive elements are now more accessible than ever.

Video creation API

The data API is not the only new addition to compatible APIs in hihaho. We also added a video creation API with which you can generate your interactive videos via an automated process. This way you can easily update an existing video or duplicate a video to add them in a new language, for example.

Interested in trying out any of the new features? Wait no longer and discover them right now in hihaho studio!

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