Upload your video to hihaho – September update

We’ve launched our new upload feature! Before, it was necessary to upload your video on a video platform and then add interactions in hihaho. But from now on, you can upload your videos directly to hihaho. This saves you a lot of time and effort. If you used a free video platform, it means you can now get rid of the advertisements. And if you used a paid platform, it means you can keep the money. We’ll host your videos for you!

To use the upload feature, simply go to + New interactive video and click on Upload your video.

Other improvements

Usually, when you add a URL to a hihaho video, a new tab would open. But now, it’s possible to choose to open the video in the same tab. This can be useful when you’d like the viewer to go to the next chapter right away, for instance. Furthermore: it was already possible to let your text fade in, but from now on, you can also let your text fade out. This makes the transition a lot smoother! Lastly, we’ve added Spanish and Portuguese as new languages!

New design

Maybe you’ve already seen the changes in the layout. The buttons ‘Select’, ‘Make’, ‘Share’ and ‘Measure’ and the button ‘Publish your video’ should make it easier to go to every step in the process of making a video interactive. Also, the Select Page has a new look.

So that’s it for today! Do you have any other ideas for hihaho? Please let us know! We would love to hear your suggestions.

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