Top 4 Types of Interactive Videos in 2021

Let’s claim it. When it comes to advertisements or promotions, video is the leading cross-platform medium mainly used these days. Not just because videos are engaging, but they are also more convenient and can convey more information in a short period. 

And right after videos were popularly used, people started integrating functions and buttons into them, making them into what we call interactive videos these days. Right then, it became more popular, especially in disseminating information to the public, be it in the healthcare sector, business, education, fashion, or in any industry.

Imagine, if a picture paints a thousand words, and a 1-minute video can show more, just think about the impact interactive videos can make!

The greater benefit of having an interactive video is that it can turn your website visitors into potential customers, boost your conversion rates and sales, and increase your session duration. Users tend to focus on the content of your interactive video, making them invest their time to watch. 

And since interactive videos became an instant hit when it comes to marketing strategy, you may also be familiar with some of the types of interactive videos used these days. Continue reading on and find out the top interactive videos in 2021!

1. eCommerce Videos 

eCommerce video may be the most common type of interactive video used on the internet today. eCommerce videos may also be called shoppable videos. Their primary purpose is to meet consumers’ desires who want to learn more about a product and buy it right after seeing it. It can reduce the number of steps a customer has to take from a brand’s content to their shopping cart. Bringing you a real-life shopping experience virtually. In addition, each interaction within an interactive video delivers valuable insights into customer behavior, allowing firms to figure out which video marketing strategies are the most effective and why.

2. Learning and development videos 

Learning and development videos are also being combined with interactive videos. Its goal is to educate viewers while allowing them to participate in the video at the same time. Furthermore, an interactive video can better explain learning and development since it replicates the personal-use models that learners employ in their daily lives, making training more interesting and exciting to the learner by generating a “dynamic” experience. 

Also, it was proven that videos increase information retention, and information is equally acquired compared to other learning materials like text files, web articles, and documents, making learning more efficient. Good examples of such videos are these health care interactive videos.

3. Public information videos

When it comes to public information awareness, interactive videos are also used these days. Aside from its engagement, it’s fun to watch and creates a longer user and information connection. Most viewers tend to understand more when they get to interact at a certain point in a video. 

An excellent example of this is a school promotion video of Frits Philips and an interactive leaflet about Ibuprofen wherein users can skip or select parts of the video they want to see. Based on interactive video analytics, 34% of video consumers wish to jump to a different video part. Public information videos are sectioned into various categories that let the viewers choose a part where they want to go or re-watch, resulting in better information understanding.

 4. Product explanation

Lastly, product information or a product endorsement is also used in interactive videos. A product video is used to exhibit the benefits of a certain product effectively. It may include the product’s specifications and everything that explains and showcases how a product works.

A product video also boosts conversion rates by telling a creative and compelling tale about how your product works in reality and what type of impact it has. A product video can leave a better impression in the consumer’s mind by using narrative and metaphor, leaving the product features to be experienced rather than described. Also, since interactive videos are integrated with function buttons, you can explore the product features more. 

Product videos are also efficient and convenient because instead of going to a physical store, you can access those products in the convenience of your home, with just one tap away! You can check out examples of product videos here.

Overall, interactive videos offer so much more, and we can call them one of the most flexible tools for marketing strategies on the internet these days. It is accessible for everyone and can be customized with the use of different tools and software. 

There’s no doubt that interactive video is a strong content tool, but how you utilize it will ultimately rely on your specific business objectives, video content approach, and how rapidly you want to impact your company. And that’s where we, at hihaho, can help you. Our diverse technology and approach to ideas can definitely turn your videos into something great! Create your free account here and let’s get started! 


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