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Creative agency Skipp created this award-winning interactive video for Würth International. The “Battery Charger” video responds to decisions the viewer makes, as every click has consequences for the story. The video is distributed globally, available in several languages. Did you know that creating interactive videos in multiple languages can be done easily with automation?

Würth has an expansive product range of battery chargers. It is often difficult for customers to identify which device would meet their needs. A tool needed to be found that was geared toward this problem and offered the requisite level of flexibility to ensure that content can be replaced without having to change the story while doing so. Skipp’s interactive video production offered just that!

Skipp applied interactive video in such an innovative way that this video won a Platinum Viddy award! The Viddy Awards honors excellence in all aspects of video production. It is one of the largest video-related competitions and received tens of thousands of entries from over 100 countries.



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