How to actively engage your audience by using interactive video

Hello there! You’re probably here because you have a video you’d like to share with an audience. The thing is, there are millions of video’s out there. And people have a billion things to do. So how do you make sure people watch your video and get something out of it? How do you leave an impression? We’d like to help you with that.

The viewer behind the wheel

Usually, when people watch a video, they pay attention to the parts that matter for them and doze off when they think it’s boring. Or, when they’re watching the video individually, they tend to close it when it’s not relevant to them. But how can you make sure every minute is relevant for every person in your audience? That’s impossible, isn’t it? The good news is: you don’t have to. Let the viewers decide for themselves what’s important to them. Let them be in control! Here are some methods:

1. Add a menu to your video. The audience can decide which part of the video they’d like to see.
2. Create clickable buttons, like: ‘Do you already know this? Click here to skip this information”.
3. Add hyperlinks, like: “Click here for more information” or “Click to download the recipe”.

Make your content count

So we’ve tackled the issue about your viewers having to watch content that might not be relevant to them. Next, how do you let them engage with the content? It depends on your goal: do you want your audience to remember something? Or would you like to collect opinions? Or maybe you want to sell something? You can decide which information below is relevant for you 😉 .

1. Be memorable

Let your viewers think about the given information by adding a question to your video. The question can be about something they’ve just seen in your video, because as you know, repetition works great for the brain. But you can also ask a question about something that is yet to come. This way, the viewers will watch the next part with extra focus so they’ll know if they’ve given the correct answer.

Furthermore, there are loads of interactions that can emphasize certain parts of the video. Like highlights or hotspots. Moreover, when someone is giving an explanation, you can let the keywords appear on the screen. Because, when people hear and read something at the same time, it’s easier for them to process this information. Lastly, you can pause the video by using the Pause Screen interaction. Then, the viewers can take all the time they need to study the information on the screen and continue when they’re ready. These are just some examples, but of course there are more. Just try and see what works for you!

2. Collect opinions

Maybe you’d like to gather new ideas or feedback for your organization, for a new product or your next video. Or maybe you’re doing some research and would like to know what people between the age of 20 and 25 eat for breakfast. Whatever your subject is, you can definitely find out using interactive video! When you add a question to your video, you can easily see how people answered this question in the video’s statistics. This can be a multiple choice question if you’d like the viewer to choose between a few options,  but it can also be an open question if you’d like the viewer to write their own answer.

Lastly, you can use our feature ‘Collect viewerdata’ if you’d like the viewers to submit some information before they watch the video.

3. Sell something

If you’ve created a video to show some products, it can be quite a hassle for viewers to find the exact same product on your website. So why not make it easy for them? You can add clickable buttons to your video with hyperlinks to your website. For example, when the viewer clicks on the button, the product will be put in their basket. Click here to find out more about creating buttons.

And of course, when you don’t have a webshop, you can also add a hyperlink to your website or to your contact information. Lastly, you can add an open question that says: “Would you like us to contact you? If so, please, leave your e-mail address or phone number and we’ll get back to you!” You can find the responses in the statistics.

To conclude

So, in short, you can use interactive video to (1) let the viewer be in control and (2) emphasize your content. But when you do this, always make sure your interactions are useful, never distracting. And then, when you find the right balance ánd choose the interactions that serve your audience best, you can definitely make your video’s count! Click here to create a free trial account and see for yourself. Good luck!

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