Interactive video is becoming more popular

As of 2019, interactive video is steadily gaining popularity. More and more people are recognizing the added value that interactivity can provide. Jan Janssen, Educational Projects Manager in The Netherlands, finds that hihaho interactive video is “unique in its own way, it enables me to distribute small ‘learning bites’ in an effective and attractive way”, whereas coach Gerda van Leeuwen says that hihaho is “incredibly easy to use and it gives great results”. The added value of interactive video seems to be getting more recognition on a global scale, as Jane Hart’s Top 200 Tools for Learning indicates.

Jane Hart’s Top Tools for Learning 2020

Every year, Jane Hart compiles a list of the 200 most popular learning tools, as voted by people all over the world. The results of this year’s list confirm the trend that interactive video is becoming increasingly popular. This because hihaho has claimed the 51st spot, which is eight places up from last year! On top of that, hihaho landed the 33rd spot in the Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning, and the 57th spot in the Top 100 Tools for Education.

The list consists of all kinds of useful tools for different purposes, such as YouTube, Google Search, PowerPoint, and LinkedIn. However, out of all the tools that enable you to create interactive videos, hihaho has the highest ranking! Check out the entire list here.


Due to COVID-19, the survey took place at a remarkable time where many people had to deal with remote working and remote education. Jane Hart’s analysis of the results shows that tools for conference calls, online collaboration, and video meetings (such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams) did very well on the ranking this year.

As Jane Hart predicts, returning to the classroom in due time is likely for some students. However, “some teaching is likely to continue remotely, so the need to provide flexible ways of learning, as well as interactive and engaging lessons remains paramount.”

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