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The benefits of interactive video in health care

89.1% of the health care professionals want to learn more using interactive video. What are their reasons? How can hihaho improve the quality of health care? Our new partner in health care, Profportaal Zorg (PPZ), explains.

25.000 videos made interactive with hihaho

Take a look at this infographic for some fun facts about hihaho! Which interaction is most popular? And how many countries use hihaho?

Upload your video to hihaho - September update

We’ve launched our new upload feature! Before, it was necessary to upload your video on a video platform and then add interactions in hihaho. But from now on, you can upload your videos directly to hihaho.

Interactive video is becoming more popular

Jane Hart's 2020 list of the Top Tools for Learning confirms the trend that interactive video is becoming more popular.

What video editing software would be best for you?

When you create videos, you'll need video editing software to edit your scenes. But what video editing software would be best?

How a hackathon can boost your organization

During our interactive video hackathon, a Murder Mystery Game was created. “Usually it’s all business, but now we had to think outside the box”, Freddy Kalwij says. If you’re wondering if a hackathon could be useful for your organization, this blog is for you!

SaaS versus Open Source: which platform is best for your organization?

When you'd like to buy an online interactive video platform, you'll have to choose whether you are going to use a SaaS solution or an Open Source solution. What are the pros and cons of both options? In this blog, we will help you decide!

How to write a script

So you’re about to be a scriptwriter! I’m glad for you, because writing scripts is one of the most creative tasks there is! Rule number one: there are no rules because your creativity should not be limited. But of course, we can give you some advice. Here we go!

Rating interaction and table of contents - May update

Every once in a while, we’re going to tell you about the changes in hihaho. Today, we’ve got some big updates that might be useful to you!

How to create videos without filming

Making a video without using a camera. You might find yourself in need of footage that you can’t shoot yourself. What then? I would like to share my experience!

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