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Interactive Video Platforms, Software and Tools in a comprehensive list

There are many interactive video software platforms available. Let us help you find out which one suits you best.

Hihaho receives certification for information security

Today, 12-12-22, hihaho received the official management system certificate for ISO27001 by DigiTrust. This certificate shows that hihaho takes strong security measures when it comes […]

#1 interactive video platform on the Top Tools for Learning list by Jane Hart

  The Top 100 Tools for Learning list by EdTech researcher Jane Hart helps people to discover new learning methods. We greatly value the inspiration this […]

Help Jane Hart compile the Top Tools for Learning list!

For years, Edtech researcher Jane Hart has compiled the Top 300 Tools for Learning list. This list inspired thousands of people around the globe to […]

A Masterclass about Video Learning by Donald Clark

On Monday, May 9, 2022, hihaho teamed up with Xprtise to host a unique masterclass by Donald Clark on the impact of video on learning. […]

10 reasons why hihaho beats YouTube for interactive educational videos

Say goodbye to YouTube and welcome hihaho for interactive educational videos. Interactive elements will enhance your learning experience.

Four ways to create clickable buttons in your interactive videos

Are you looking for quick and easy ways to add interactive buttons to your video? Look no further! We've made an overview of the four most effective ways to create interactive buttons. Interested? Check out our blog!

Goviideo: Automotive innovation in the online video world

In early 2020, interactive video company Goviideo Interactive made its debut and innovated the Spanish online video world like never before with many of their interactive video productions.

New feature bonanza! - January update

We have been putting out a lot of awesome new features recently! Whether they're newly added or improved existing features, our development team has been unstoppable lately. In case you missed any, here's an overview of our recent updates.

Top 5 music videos that should have been interactive

Do you ever watch a music video and wish that you could interact with it? Or that you could change the storyline of the music video? We do! Here's a list of 5 awesome music videos that should have been interactive!

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