StoryTemple’s immersive story presentations

When presenting, have you ever experienced difficulty with conveying your message in the best way possible? Even though you spend a lot of time and effort on your presentation, it still might not end up as perfect as you want it to be. Investing in templates for PowerPoint or third party designers could be an option, but the downside is that it might result in a lack of consistency in story-structure, design and engagement. 

Bringing stories to life

Our partner StoryTemple helps companies to unlock the full potential of presentations so they can create impressive and interactive presentations themselves within minutes. They do this with 4 pillars in mind:

  1. Keep working as you’re used to: StoryTemple is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint;
  2. Save time and effort with brand-approved templates of high-end design quality and smart story structures;
  3. Create high engagement with your audience using interactive presentations;
  4. Present your story on any device: StoryTemple is cross-media friendly.

StoryTemple was looking for an interactive platform to make stories personal, engaging and easily accessible to the audience. That’s how they stumbled upon hihaho. “The joint strength of hihaho and StoryTemple is the interactivity, which ensures an optimal engagement from the audience”, says Wouter Moll, founder & CEO of StoryTemple. “The powerful software from hihaho was easy to combine with our storytelling and design”, he adds.

Every production within StoryTemple is developed with the storytelling principle as its starting point. This approach has been used for many different projects like eLearnings, product innovations, webinars, e-magazines and safety instructions. Find some of their most immersive projects below.

Kwaaijongens product launch


JLG safety measures


Capgemini back to work

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