Anglure: pioneers in simplexity

One of our partners, Anglure, is a content marketing agency that is on top of everything related to video communication and marketing. They’re dedicated to bringing high quality brand stories to life with a results-oriented mindset. Anglure has everything necessary for successful storytelling, content creation and online marketing. They’re pioneers in simplexity: refining something complex to its core of simplicity.

Endless possibilities

Anglure was looking for a way to add interactive layers to their video productions and they discovered hihaho at the perfect moment. “Interactive video offers many solutions you may have not thought of yet. I would strongly advise to just approach us, hihaho, or one of the other content partners with your goal or issue”, says Luke Looijen, owner and producer of Anglure. “If you’re looking for a way to achieve results, make sure to have a chat with hihaho or one of their partners. I will guarantee that we will find a great solution”, he adds.

Nowadays, people get overloaded with content, which makes it even more important to create a clear and intuitive customer journey. The content people get to see has to be more relevant than ever. Interactive video has helped Anglure to make their videos more accessible and increase that relevance.

Everything in one place

With the help of hihaho’s interactive layers, Anglure is able to create a pleasant viewing experience by making information more accessible and direct in order to prevent any possible obstacles. “Offering everything in one platform and not having to go to a landing page or form outside of the video, that’s the efficiency our world needs”, Luke says.

Anglure has told many stories with the help of interactive video. They brought stories to life and simplified companies’ messages through videos and animations, which can be found on their website.


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