The Best Interactive Videos for Healthcare in 2021

Interactive videos aren’t just for highlighting the latest fashion trends; they may also benefit healthcare services. Healthcare interactive videos can help patients or anyone involved in the healthcare or medical field to understand a particular topic more.  Interactive video is also great for healthcare learning .

When it comes to healthcare practices, it is preferable that there is a physical representation that audiences can see in person or digitally; since interactive videos are widely available, they are a good medium for disseminating information and allowing users to interact with it at the same time.

Now that we’re talking about interactive videos, let hihaho give you a run-through of the best healthcare interactive videos in 2021! Continue reading to find out more.

1. Instructional Interactive Video on How to take care of Hospital Wastes

hospital waste
Hospital wastes are truly hazardous to everyone if not appropriately taken care of. It doesn’t just bring bacteria and germs, but it can also spread diseases when accidentally held with direct contact. That’s why proper waste disposal is highly recommended, not just for health personnel, but the general public should also know how to properly dispose of those kinds of waste. 

This health interactive video focuses on properly disposing of a full urine drainage bag and disposing of a bandage stained with dry blood. 

The interactive educational video established a user-to-video connection by displaying a question in the video and allowing the user to select an answer. Then information about the proper waste management will then be shown afterward.

2. Animated Leaflet

The following
interactive healthcare video is all about an animated leaflet showcasing the information about Ibuprofen. It was well-presented in the video. Many elements were used to make the animated leaflet more efficient and effective than the regular paper leaflets. 

The following functions were integrated into the video:

  • Drop-down button 
  • Subtitle toggle (On/Off)
  • Successfully listed FAQs for ease-of-use 
  • Clickable FAQ list

3. Health: Performance support

This interactive video tutorial on operating Robotic surgery DA Vinci Robot Xi is one of the best presentations of a step-by-step guide that also involves a user-to-video connection. The informational video was well-explained in their 2 minutes and 53-second video with a combination of question and answer functionality and an informative guide. 

The informational guides listed in the drop-down menu bar are sectioned from Intro to Shutdown:

  1. Intro
  2. Start case
  3. Convert
  4. Open instrument manually
  5. Drive out
  6. Undrape
  7. Arm stow
  8. Shut down

The following functions were integrated into the video:

  • Drop-down menu bar
  • Clickable list in the drop-down menu bar
  • Question and answer functionality

4. Proper Hygiene in the Hospital (Proper handwashing)

Proper hygiene should be maintained on and off the healthcare facility to avoid contamination. And this is not just limited to the healthcare personnel or patients but also to the people who go in and out of the hospital or any medical facility. 

And the easiest way to practice good hygiene wherever you are is by having a proper handwashing technique. 

In this interactive video, the proper way of disinfecting your hands was clearly explained by a voice-over and a function wherein the user can replay a certain part of the video was also incorporated, which can be very helpful to the user to understand the video more. 

The following functions were integrated into the video:

  • Input field wherein it can accept the user’s answer.
  • Replay button
  • Hover function wherein the video can display information over the hovered part of the video
  • Downloadable image

Advantages of Interactive Video for Healthcare

Since interactive videos for healthcare are widely used these days because of their effectiveness and efficiency, it can no longer be denied that they have a lot of advantages!

    1. Interactive Healthcare videos provide a great amount of information in a short period of time.When compared to reading, interactive video allows you to say more in less time. Because an interactive healthcare video is more engaging to the senses, it can convey more information by simultaneously showing and telling. Moreover, healthcare personnel or anyone in the facility can interact with the video. 
    2. Interactive Video is a great way to inform and educate people. Interactive video works really well in the healthcare sector as an instructional tool because it combines audio and visual features that appeal to various senses. They’re also beneficial as How-To guides because viewers can watch how things function.
    3. Interactive Video suits every age. Since interactive videos are accessible to everyone and are created for the general audience, younger or older adults can both understand the information in the video. Especially in healthcare facilities, they can display it on a widescreen so that a wider audience can access it. 

Interactive videos have come a long way, not just for fashion, automotive, or sportswear, but it also brought great help in healthcare. And when it comes to the best interactive video, hihaho has got you covered! We specialize in interactive video marketing. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to message us or create your free account here.

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