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Interactive Training Scenario

In this interactive video showcase the viewer gets to experience emergency response training for a firefighter. With the use of hihaho, Trainify was able to lower the costs of normally expensive emergency simulations and make the training easily accessible for everyone.

The impact:

  • 90% felt the training enhanced their emotional intelligence and decision-making under pressure.
  • 92% felt the training reinforced their adherence to their organizations’ Standard Operating Procedures.
  • 100% felt motivated to stay well-prepared and informed about the training concepts following the training.

Most used interactions:

  1. Image interaction – To make the training work Trainify imported GIFs that only played on mouse hover via the image interaction. Check the steps on how to make a mouse-over effect here.
  2. Text interaction – Instead of having to re-edit the source video they added text interactions that can easily be changed within seconds.
  3. Pause interaction – To tie it all together Trainify added pause screens on the moment a viewer can make a choice.

Want to know more? You can check our instruction video on how to make your own interactive video.

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