Goviideo: Automotive innovation in the online video world

In early 2020, Spain was introduced to the magic of interactive video. Because that was when interactive video company Goviideo Interactive made its debut. They innovated the Spanish online video world like never before with many of their interactive video productions.

Express businesses in a unique way

Co-Founder & CEO of Goviideo Alberto Paradela Sánchez has always believed in the power of video, whether it was for branding, entertainment or education. “When I came across an interactive video for the first time, I knew this is what we needed for the automotive sector”, Alberto says. He saw opportunities for businesses to express themselves, their services and their products in a unique way.

Working together to innovate an entire industry

Alberto reached out to hihaho for a collaboration to create the interactive video industry that did not yet exist in Spain. With his 15 years of marketing experience in the automotive sector, he believed this industry was the perfect place to start our journey and they quickly got to work. 

Interactive video ideas and new concepts were produced shortly after. Concepts that can give viewers an experience that is closest to reality, other than reality itself. Concepts that fully engage viewers in the story of your video. Concepts that are simply more fun for the viewer because they’re new, innovative and interactive. With these creative ideas, the kick-off for the first Goviideo project happened in no time.

“Interactive video is the best way to create an online experience that is close to reality.”

A challenging start

With their connections and expertise in the automotive industry, this was the perfect place for them to start. Goviideo approached a group of car dealerships of several car brands. This proved to be quite the challenge since they didn’t have a demo video to show yet; it was their first potential project after all. 

The deal was as follows: Goviideo would create an innovative, interactive video for the dealership. If the dealership was pleased with the final product, they would go into business with Goviideo. However, if the dealership did not like the final product, they didn’t have to pay Goviideo for their efforts, as long as Goviideo could use the interactive video for promotional purposes in the future. The dealership agreed to the terms and Goviideo started with their first interactive video production for the well-known car brand Hyundai.

Mission accomplished

The pilot turned out to be a great success. “They liked it a lot and immediately asked me to create similar videos for Suzuki and Peugeot”, Alberto tells. Every single dealership was very enthusiastic about this online interactive way of displaying and experiencing a car. That was the moment Spain’s automotive industry was introduced to the revolutionary way of branding and marketing called interactive video. Check out the interactive experience for Hyundai below.

Expansion across the country

Alberto proudly told us about what he sees as Goviideo’s greatest accomplishments yet: their interactive video productions for Range Rover which you can watch below. He’s especially proud of this project because it was a big project that gave Goviideo the possibility to grow. It was their first client that was an entire brand rather than a dealer. Essentially, this meant their videos would be used for a large number of dealers in Spain.


After Goviideo got off the ground, they quickly began to introduce interactive video to different sectors. Educational interactive videos for example; they created an interactive school tour. This interactive video was used to help children and parents orient themselves for elementary schools, because an actual visit was not possible at that time due to COVID-19.

Also, Goviideo started creating interactive promotional videos for the sports industry. They produced an interactive experience in the Getafe CF stadium as well as an interactive shoppable video for their merchandise store. See anything you like? The video below conveniently links to their webshop whenever the viewer clicks on an item they want to buy.


“Eventually, I think that interactive video has potential for every industry”, Alberto says. He mentions healthcare, education, retail and travel agencies as sectors for which he thinks interactive video can be useful. The last one he mentioned caught our attention. Why travel agencies? Alberto sees a lot of applications possible in this industry. In fact, Alberto had scheduled the start of a new interactive video project shortly after our interview for a Spanish travel agency.

Goviideo’s creative ideas and state of the art interactive video productions have succeeded to amaze us time after time. Make sure to check out their interactive videos on their website!

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